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This lab is to be done in class (completed outside of class if need be). You can collaborate with your classmates, but you must identify their names above, and you must submit your own lab as an knitted HTML file on Canvas, by Thursday 10pm, this week.

This week’s agenda: practicing version control with Git and Github

If you do not have a GitHub account, you should sign up for one before proceeding.

If you have not installed and configured Git, you should do that before proceeding.


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Git in Practice

In the following questions create a separate file lab_12_simulation.R in the 36-350 repo to implement the following tasks. After completing each task (in order) make a commit of the necessary changes to complete the task. Each commit should be specific and complete. Your commit messages should be informative.

For submission fill in the readLines calls with the link to the patch file for the corresponding commit. You can find this link by opening the commit on Github and appending “.patch” to the end of the hash. Alternatively you can just copy and paste the commit’s hash into “” where “user” is your username and “repo” is your repo’s name, and “hash” in some numerical value. You can find these numbers for each commit by going to your “”.