Benjamin LeRoy

Doctoral Student
Statistics and Data Science
Carnegie Mellon University




Currently I am TAing for Max G'Sell in MSCF's 46-926/927 Statistics and Machine Learning I and II where I am assisting in converting the class into python from R.

During the Summer of 2017 I taught 36-315 Statistical Graphics and Visualization (for the first time it was offered in the summer). I ended up revamping the material taught in the course, with new Lectures and Assignments.

All Classes I've TAed and Taught:
Taught: 36-315: Statistical Graphics and Visualization
TAed: 36-315: Statistical Graphics and Visualization (x2), 36-401: Modern Statistics, 46-926/927 MSCF's Statistics and Machine Learning I/II
Code-Centric Teaching Resources:
Here is a link to some TA resources that I have helped develop and some potentially helpful resources for CMU Statistics students working on our servers.