Statistical Computing, 36-350

Summer 2019

Instructor: Benjamin LeRoy
TA: Tudor Manole

General comments about the class:

Many of these documents are similar to those found at Professor Ryan Tibsirani's course website on the same topic.

Compared to last summer's implimentation of this class (and previous classes during the regular semester at CMU) this class had a decent amount of additions. On the more basic side:

On relative to more advanced topics:

Class schedule (download multiple files here):

Week Weekday Date Topic Due
1 Monday July 1 Syllabus, Lecture: R Basics
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday July 2 Lecture: Index & Iteration
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Wednesday July 3 Lab: R Basics +
Lecture: Extra practice
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes filled out: (Rmd, html)
Thursday July 4 Independence Day Holiday
Friday July 5 Lecture: Text Manipulation Lab 1 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
2 Monday July 8 Lecture: Data Frames and apply Homework 1 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday July 9 Lab: Data Frames and apply Lab 2.1 (Rmd, html)
Wednesday July 10 Hw Review and Lecture: Visualization (ggplot)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Thursday July 11 Lab: Visualization Lab 2.2 (Rmd, html)
Friday July 10 Lecture: Visualization Theory & Coding Style
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
3 Monday July 15 Lecture: Functions Homework 2 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday July 16 Lab: Functions Lab 3.1 (Rmd, html)
Wednesday July 17 Hw Review and Lecture: Tidyverse- dplyr
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Thursday July 18 Lab: Tidyverse- dplyr Lab 3.2 (Rmd, html)
Friday July 19 Lecture: Tidyverse- tidyr
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
4 Monday July 22 Lecture: Simulations Homework 3 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday July 23 Lab: Simulations Lab 4.1 (Rmd, html)
Wednesday July 24 Hw Review and Lecture: Fitting Models
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Thursday July 25 Lab: Fitting Models Lab 4.2 (Rmd, html)
Friday July 26 Lecture: OOP in R
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
5 Monday July 29 Lecture: Debugging Homework 4 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday July 30 Lab: Debugging Lab 5.1 (Rmd, html)
Wednesday July 31 Hw Review and Lecture: Github
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Thursday August 1 Lab: Github Lab 5.2 (Rmd, html)
Friday August 2 Lecture: R packages
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
6 Monday August 5 Lecture: Prediction Homework 5 (Rmd, html)
Lecture Notes: (Rmd, html)
Tuesday August 6 Lab: Prediction Lab 6.1 (Rmd, html)
Wednesday August 7 Hw Review and Lecture: Advanced Computing: Split-Apply-Combine, Parallelization, Deep Learning
Lecture Notes: (Rmd , (html)
Thursday August 8 Final Project work time
Friday August 9 Graduate Student Panel on Statistical Computing Final Exam

Access class files through a directory: (shiny app)